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Vue-Test-Utils Guide: Things You Might Not Know About Vue-Test-Utils

Laravel features you may not know about

Suspending in Bash: Quickly switch between running processes in bash

The Repository Pattern in PHP (and Laravel)

Laravel Naming Conventions

Vimattack: How to get someone's database credentials while they are editing config files on a live server

Should you disable Vim's swap files (.swp) being created?

Strategy Design Pattern in PHP - Explained!

How to sort lines of text from within vim (super easy!)

Why You Should Use SPL Exceptions in PHP, for Better Exception Handling

Exporting data with mysqldump

Linux Command Cheatsheet: Disk usage and filesize cheatsheet

Bash Parameter Expansions (!$, etc)

PHP Observer Design Pattern Explained (Easy to understand)

Essential keyboard shortcuts you NEED to know when using PHP Storm

Beginners Guide to Tabs in Vim

PHP Template Method Pattern Explained (its easy!)

The Front Controller Design Pattern (explained using PHP)

The 5 Principes of SOLID, easily explained using PHP

How to use clip-path in CSS (with examples)

The Service Locator Design Pattern in PHP

The Decorator Design Pattern in PHP (with easy to follow example)

How to add a gradient overlay to a background image using just CSS and HTML

Everything you need to know about SQL injection with PHP and MySQL

Apps, software and services that I use

The Adapter Design Pattern, Explained With PHP

Laravel + SQLite - works in php artisan tinker, but gives "unable to open db file" - FIXED

The Chain-of-responsibility programming design pattern (explained using PHP)

Why You Should Never Host Your Own Videos, And What 3rd Party Video Hosting Services Are The Best To Use

Vim tip: The best line number config (current + relative line numbers)

The Composite Design Pattern Explained (with PHP)

Array Destructuring: The Useful PHP 7 Feature You (maybe) Aren't Using

Specification Design Pattern in PHP - Explained!

How to create a new MySQL (MariaDB) Database, user, and grant it privileges

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