How to add and remove items to an array in JS?

JavaScript: How to add and remove items to an array in JS?

If you want to add items to an array in javascript, you can use the push() method to add it to the end of an array.

  1. let fruits = ["apple","banana","orange","grapes"];
  2. fruits.push("kiwi"); //kiwi will be the last item (after grapes) in the array

Or to add it to the start of an array, use unshift.

  1. let fruits_2 = ["apple","banana","orange","grapes"];
  2. fruits_2.unshift("kiwi"); // kiwi will be the first item in the array (before apple)

How to remove items from JS arrays?

You can use .pop() and .unshift().

Using pop() to remove items from Javascript arrays

To remove an item from the end of an array, you use .pop():

  1. let fruits_3 = ["apple","banana","orange","grapes"];
  3. fruits_3.pop();
  4. console.log(fruits_3) // (3) ["apple", "banana", "orange"]

Using unshift() to remove items from a JS array

To remove an item from the start of an array, you use .unshift():

  1. let fruits_4 = ["apple","banana","orange","grapes"];
  3. fruits_4.shift();
  4. console.log(fruits_4) // (3) ["banana", "orange", "grapes"]
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